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Brief introduction:

Baoding Baonan Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd dedicates in researching and innovation of municipal solid waste processing technology. Our municipal solid waste sorting line can process all kinds of municipal solid waste with high efficiency. Through classification using of garbage to achieve the reduction of quantity,  harmlessness, and Increase the heat value of garbage, thereby it can improve the processing capacity of incineration plants, reduce the impact of burning plastic materials on the surrounding environment, and generate enormous economic, ecological and social benefits.

The existing incinerator without changing purposes, not to increase human cases, through to the garbage classification using achieve reduction, harmless, improving waste heat value to improve the processing capacity of incinerators, to reduce burning plastic material to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, produce great economic benefits, ecological and social benefits.

Raw materials for processing:

Domestic garbage fragmentation is applicable to the following types of garbage and waste:
• Household waste
• Large pieces of garbage, including furniture, carpets and mattresses
• Industrial waste
• Scrap wood
• Stumps and roots
• Plastic and metal buckets
• Tires and big bags
• Hazardous waste
• Large rolls of plastic and paper
• Big bags of plastic, paper and trash


1.Suitable for all urban household refuse disposal.
2.The problems of continuous feeding, pyrolysis and discharge and dust pollution, tail gas pollution and value recovery are solved thoroughly
3.Reduce the second pollution to the air
4.High pyrolysis efficiency, high thermal energy recovery and low energy consumption cost
5.Low maintenance cost, long service life, automatic control, simple and safe operation
6.Using special coating and metal material, its anti-bending ability, anti-temperature ability and anti-stretching ability are greatly improved

The Disposal of The Main Waste After Classification

A) Ferromagnetic and non-ferrous materials: the professional treatment organization, such as waste batteries, was manually selected for landfill or handing in hazardous materials through special treatment. Other classes available for sale.
B)Kitchen waste, straw and other organic materials: sold or utilized after making organic fertilizer.
C)Inorganic materials such as furnace ballast, brick and sand: bricks can be made or buried.
D)Plastics: for sale
E) Non-recycling waste paper, rags, bamboo and wood combustible materials: power generation by incineration; briquettes or landfill can be made with c) materials.