PriceList for Ac Radiator Granulator Separator - Aluminum Liquid Degassing Machine – Baonan

Rotating degassing machine ejects inter gas firstly,then  makes inert gas bubbles break up into very small gas bubbles by the rotor of highspeed rotation,as well as makes gas bubbles evenly dispersed in the liquid metal .By reducing the bubbles diameter and the metal total surface active surge makes more inert gas  and hydrogen contact with the impurity so that bring these harmful materials to liquid surface.Argon and nitrogen can be used as the inert gas for degassing molten aluminum liquid.

Features: 1.Rotating degassing machine has mobile and stationary types, which is suitable for different operating environment. 2.Gas removing rate is above 50%; 3.Shortening time of molten; 4.Saving producing cost. 5.It is suitable for purifying aluminum liquid in crucible furnace, ladle and so on. 6.This machine can reduce  hydrogen and solid  non-metal inclusion in aluminum liquid. 7.High efficiency and good cleaning effect.